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Struts & Hibernate Course Content

Different types of Applications
Different Layers in Application

  • Presentation Processing Layer
  • Business Processing Layer
  • Data Storage and Access Layer

Web Application Designing Models

  • Model1-Architecture
  • Model2-Architecture(MVC)
  • Designing web application using MVC architecture

Struts Introduction
Struts Architecture
Struts Resources

  • JSP
  • ActionServlet
  • web.xml
  • ActionForm
  • Action class
  • Struts Configuration File
  • Explanation about Struts-configuration File
  • Detailed explanation of struts request processing flow
  • Customizing RequestProcessor

Validations in Struts
Client Validations
Server side Validations

  • By using validate() method – programmatic approach
  • By using Validator Framework – declarative approach
  • Combination of programmatic approach and declarative approach

Different types of ActionForms and Dynamic ActionForms

  • ActionForm
  • DynaActionForm
  • ValidatorForm
  • DynavalidatorForm
  • ValidatorActionForm
  • DynaValidatorActionForm

ExceptionHandling in Struts

  • Programmatic Approach
  • Declarative Approach 

Local Forwards & Global Forwards
Local Exceptions & Global Exceptions
Struts predefined Tag libraries

  • HTML Tag Library
  • Bean Tag Library
  • Logic Tag Library
  • Nested Tag Library
  • Tiles Tag Library

Predefined Action Classes

  • ForwardAction
  • IncludeAction
  • DispatchAction
  • LookupDispatchAction
  • MappingDispatchAction
  • SwitchAction
  • LocaleAction
  • DownloadAction
  • EventDispatchAction

Internationalization(I18N) in Struts
Struts with Ajax Example
Preventing Double Submits
File Uploading and Downloading in Struts
Tiles Framework
IDEs: Eclipse, Netbeans


Advantages of Hibernate compared to JDBC
ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
Hibernate Resources

  • Configuration file
  • Mapping file
  • Persistent class or POJO
  • Client application.

Hibernate Architecture
Installation and Directory Structure
Hibernate Data Types
First Application using Hibernate
Hibernate API

  • Configuration
  • SessionFactory
  • Session
  • Transaction

Object Lifecycle in Hibernate

  • Transient object
  • Persistent object
  • Detached object

CRUD operations using Session methods.

  • save, persist, SaveOrUpdate
  • update, merge, delete
  • load, get
  • flush, evict, clear etc

Primary key Generators

  • Assigned
  • Increment
  • Sequence
  • Hilo
  • Seqhilo
  • Identity
  • Foreign
  • Native
  • UUID
  • Custom generator

Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
Joins in Hibernate
Batch processing and Native SQL
Criteria API
Criteria with projections
Inheritance Mapping

  • Table per class
  • Table per sub class
  • Table per concrete class

Component Mapping
Custom Mapping
Collection Mapping

  • <list>
  • <set>
  • <map>
  • <bag>
  • Mapping array
  • Sorting collections

Association Mapping

  • one to one
  • one to many
  • many to one
  • many to many
  • Uni directional
  • Bi directional
  • Explanation on inverse and cascade attributes


  • First level Cache(Session cache)
  • Second level Cache(SessionFactory cache)
  • Query level cache

Connection Pool

  • Default connection pool
  • Server supplied pool
  • Third party vendor connection pool

Transactions and Concurrency

  • Programmatic transactions with JTA
  • Optimistic Concurrency control
  • Pessimistic Concurrency control

Hibernate Pagination
Hibernate Filter
Hibernate Interceptor
Connecting with Multiple Databases(Oracle,  HypersonicSQL)
Integrating Hibernate with Servlet
Integrating Hibernate with Struts
Working with Hibernate Annotations
IDE:    Eclipse, Netbeans