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SAP PP ( Production Planning) is an SAP module, extraordinarily intended for incorporating diverse office engaged with creation and assembling. This course clarifies some significant segments of SAP PP like Data Center, BOM, Work Center, CRP, etc.

SAP Production Planning (PP) training provides a broad overview and explains how the complete production process is executed. PP is one of the primary useful modules of ERP, contained a few exercises including request the executives, arranging orders, creation of requests, scope organization, and then some. The members will get an intensive comprehension on another significant segment of PP for example Ace information. This spreads Bill Of Materials (BOMs), work booking information, work focus, and steering. Going to SAP Production Planning course will open you to learn with genuine models.

Upon the consummation of SAP Production Planning Training course, you will have the option to:

• Understand the idea of ERP and SAP

• Describe PP module and interrelate its activity with different modules of ERP

• Elucidate the overall progression of plan and arranging cycle

• Work with Master Data

• Plan the requests and send for creation

• Determine scope organization

• Customize the plans and work measure